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    What kinds of psychological difficulties can Catherine Petit (Lic. Psychologist) help you with?


    Emotions management

    Anxiety – phobias – panic attacks
    Stress – Post-traumatic stress
    Compassion fatigue

    Depression – bipolarity

    Existential crisis
    Life transition
    Post-partum reactions

    Romantic relationships
    Interpersonal relations

    Intercultural psychology:

    Cross-cultural adaptation
    Intercultural identity
    Intercultural communication
    Culture shock
    Re-entry/Reverse culture shock

    How does a psychotherapy work?

    I meet with you in my office for one-hour private sessions. I am obliged to protect confidentiality and uphold my profession’s ethical standards. At the first meeting, you tell me all about your current concerns. I do not mind if your thoughts are scattered, if you cry or if you keep silent I am here to listen to you and support you on your personal journey.

    My theoretical preferences centre on psychodynamic and systemic approaches. The psychodynamic approach provides insight into the values, thoughts, emotions and desires that govern your well-being or discomfort, and to help identify where you stand in relation to them so that you feel good about yourself. The systemic approach allows you to understand and influence relationship situations. Depending on the difficulties you encounter, I may also use the person-centred approach to help you verbalize and gain awareness of your current experiences, the cognitive approach to correct thinking or calm emotions that detract from your self-fulfillment, or the EMDR approach for psychological trauma. All of these approaches are recognized as therapeutically effective.

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